Pliny the Elder from Russian River

Pliny the Elder what a refreshing time of year when we are able to celebrate and enjoy this great Double India Pale Ale.

Do you know about Pliny? Here’s a little history. Pliny the Younger, immortalized his Uncle, Pliny the Edler, who succumbed to ash and smoke during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy in 79 A.D. Pliny the Elder was a naturalist, historian, scholar, and author. He was also a naval and army commander in the Roman Empire.

Living in the first century- 23 to 79 A.D., he and his contemporaries are credited either in creating the botanical name or at least writing about Lupus Salictarius, or hops.

Without hops, where would we be in the scheme of great beer?

Bruin Spirits, Inc. is pleased to offer Pliny the Elder, while supplies last, beginning Thursday, April 30, 2015. Limit one (1) per customer.


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