Pliny the Elder from Russian River

Pliny the Elder what a refreshing time of year when we are able to celebrate and enjoy this great Double India Pale Ale. Do you know about Pliny? Here’s a little history. Pliny the Younger, immortalized his Uncle, Pliny the Edler, who succumbed to ash and smoke during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy […]


Where Is Your Favorite Tequila From?

Cinco de Mayo is just a week a way!! Where is your favorite Tequila from?

The Nom is the Official Mexican Standard of Tequila that is regulated by the Mexican Government, which contains specifications to be followed by all individuals and companies producing Tequila. In short, the NOM ensures the protection of the Appellation of Origin, regulates production, and continually establishes standards required to ensure quality. Those companies that comply with the regulations set forth by the Tequila NOM are then certified by the TRC (Tequila Regulatory Council), and labelled as an authentic Tequila producer.