Loyalty Program

Bruin Spirits, Inc. offers customers a loyalty program. By signing up for this free program, you will earn $1 for every dollar spent, pre-tax. Once you reach 500 Points, a 2% cash back in store credit is offered. i.e., 500 points = $10.00 in store credit. While some customers like to spend their credit right away, others let the points grow throughout the year saving them for that special item during the holiday season. Either way, your points never expire, so they are yours to use whenever you like. Please fill out the form below or ask one of our team members for assistance.

* No points are earned on Keg Deposits, Tap Deposits, Bucket Deposits, Tobacco, Rentals or Sales Tax. Bruin Spirits, Inc. reserves the right to change the conditions of this program at any time.


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